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~* Him in october *~
06.14.04 (2:56 pm)   [edit]
Oh yer forgot to mention im going to c him in october woo im so excited and oh dammit i put the little ~*'s in the wrong way round im such a retard :oops:

*~Im so bored~*
06.14.04 (2:42 pm)   [edit]
Im so bored theres like nothing to do this week... today was nice tho, i sent off for my provisional woo i cant wait to drive, then me and ross went to eat our lunch on the field in the sun it was fun.... ross makes me laugh i made him choke on co2 today was funny.. i also had fun biting him - he sez it hurts but i think its funny coz i hardly bite him :? i dunno mayb he has sensitive skin, or maybe hes a wimp or mayb he just says it to stop me slobbering on him yuk :roll: lol but yer anyway im gonna go now im sleepy.

~* cky are awsome *~
06.01.04 (11:48 pm)   [edit]
Yes cky are awsome i agree with the comments you people left. Except recently iv'e gotten a bit annoyed they seem to be being taken for granted in the uk at the moment i've lived for them for nearly 4 years and helped petition to get them to come to the uk (which worked iv now seen them twice :D ) but people now think cky are 'cool' over here so knowing nothing about them they all think they are great fans of them and it is so annoying really really annoying, from a dedicated fans point of view anyway. Sure i want them to infiltrate.destroy.rebuild as part of the uk alliance thats what i help with but bam takes so much off cky, not that i have anything against bam its just that little kids saying they are cky's biggest fan think that bam is actually in the band... god they are so niave (if thts how you spell it) well im gonna get readi for work now coz im getting too angry with newbie cky fans byee xxxx btw i work in a zoo HOW COOL! 8)

~* d of e*~
06.01.04 (12:53 am)   [edit]
this weekend i completed my silver d of e yayee, i got really pissed off with one girl in our group tho. We went for 3 nights n 3 days and she didnt take any sandwiches or substantial food, and then when it came to lunch time she just started asking for things. The whole weekend she took everyones sweets and food and hardly offered ne of her food which really annoyed me as i had rationed my food out and she set me off balance.Also when i bought sum toffee i cud feel her leaning over my shoulder tryin to get me to offer her sum but she can fuck off. Then i thought she had finished taking other peoples food but she annoyed me further on the way home when we stopped at a service station to get sum food and she sed i'l stay in the car i dont want anything and then when we came back with kfc she ended up eating most of our food and drinking our drinks. It isn't fair she really annoys me! She also nearly wrecked our chance of passing silver because she was on the fone all day sunday... ok it was her birthday and we sed she cud phone her boyfriend and her parents so she did but then she was on the phone to her aunties uncles friends everything shes just so selfish she could have foned them when we got to the campsite because that is allowed. We also met a dude he gave us alcohol we weren't sposed to have alcohol but ah well.

~*good/bad weekend*~
05.10.04 (1:42 am)   [edit]
I had a great weekend with ross but some bits were just stupid and annoying. Like friday night he gets a text msg and i knew instantly it was off laura and it was saying how she needed to talk to him blah blah. Then she rang him on saturday night saying how she needed to talk but i was having a nice night in with him so she left us alone, but we still had an argument about her. I know she is ugly and stands no chance over me with ross but i cant help getting jealous when i know shes flirting with him, you know what i mean?
Saturday in work was a bad day too, I fell over, walked into a tree missed the bus nearly missed the train and got rained on, and that was just on the way to work! Once in work i was so suprised to hear i was on dishwasher again for the 6th time in a row!!!! and so i broke the dishwasher .... by accident i didnt intend to but ah.
Sunday was better because i was on food and got out at 3 just in time to go to chester for a bit and do some shoe shopping but no luck there..... ah well another day of fun exciting school. FRENCH ORAL FRIDAY AHHH :? ~*laters gaybods*~

~* Im likeing this *~
05.07.04 (3:27 am)   [edit]
I'm likeing this style of blog at the moment. Tblog is a great host, so easy and customizeable, only thing i've got to figure out now is how to get it on my site, i'll do it soon hopefully, maybe in this free if i'm lucky :o ~*laters gaybods*~ I'm not sure if liking is spelt liking or likeing, heres my stupid dyslexia thing kicking in again i'm such a retard. :roll:

~* Just testing *~
05.06.04 (2:02 pm)   [edit]
This is new i'm trying out various ones to be honest so it'll probably keep moving, add comments to tell me what you think etc and il tell you my stories :shock: